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HydroSwing: The door that’s as powerful as the equipment behind it.

Sure, it’s just a door. But behind that door are the workhorses of your business. You need a door that is simple, yet offers strength and security you can rely on. The overcomplicated pulleys and straps of a bi-fold won’t do. Flimsy roller and sliding doors have proven to fail in the end. The only solution that makes sense is the HydroSwing door.

HydroSwing delivers a powerful, secure and simple solution, with only three major components: the door (pre-hung with frame), the rams and the pump. The one-piece hydraulic door, the HydroSwing, is the obvious and natural successor to the bi-fold, rolling, and sliding door.

HydroSwing’s custom-sized doors fit any commercial or agriculture application. The one-piece hydraulic door is the best solution for maximizing efficiency and security to make the most of your machine shed door or truck garage door.

For a well-built door, that offers the simplicity, security and power your industry demands, the choice is obvious. The choice is HydroSwing.

Standard features:

Pre-assembled, pre-welded and pre-hung within to greatly reduce loads on your building:

  • Wind rating meets or exceeds all building codes

Any size up to 90′ wide 24′ tall:

  • There is no such thing as an ‘odd’ size. All doors are custom made for your opening
  • External truss provides the necessary strength across the width of the door

ALL weather seals included:

  • Sides and top tightly seal using closed-cell foam between our frame and the seal angle of the door
  • Bottom seal is sturdy cloth inserted 2-ply rubber
  • Top hinges are covered using rubber flashing

Built-in flow control keeps both cylinders traveling at same rate/speed; no adjustments needed

Self-contained compact power unit:

  • 2 or 5 hp electric motor, pump and reservoir all in one unit; easily attach to wall using included mounting plate

Steel hydraulic lines span the width of the door; attachment point is pre-determined on door frame

Built-in safety features:

  • Controls are dead-man controls; you have full control of door operation at all times
  • Electrical disconnect at the breaker box using a designated circuit
  • Internal travel stops in the cylinders prevent over-extension
  • Safety restrictors in each of the cylinders prevent rapid closure under any circumstance

Automatic locks within hydraulic system pull door closed and keep it closed

Your choice of mounting styles:

  • Flush mount ? mounts flush to the building using only 5″ of headroom and 5″ of width
  • Outside mount ? perfect for door replacement, mounts to outside of opening taking NO valuable height or width

Complete step-by-step installation manual; full factory support if you choose to install yourself

5-year warranty on materials and workmanship (2 years additional if installed by HydroSwing)

Optional features:

Windows and personal doors:

  • Choose from our standard styles and sizes, or let us provide you with custom?built openings to match your window/door style and size

Additional wind load:

  • Engineered to match any wind load requirements

Custom framing to accommodate any type of interior/exterior finish:

  • You can match your building�s interior/exterior finish to make the door an attractive addition to any building

Truss Options:

  • Internal truss
  • Add a steel center plate featuring the logo or design of your choice with our HyBrowTMTruss


HydroSwing can handle your installation needs ? call for an estimate on:

  • Pre-installation coordination
  • Final install including hydraulic hook-up and testing

7-year warranty on materials and workmanship if installed by HydroSwing

Please call for special financing and lease options, custom installation needs, or to receive our new accessories catalog. We look forward to working with you.