Ohio Timberland Products, Inc. Nail-Lam “PLUS” Columns

Our columns are manufactured courtesy of Ohio Timberland Products, Inc. Makers of the Nail-Lam “Plus”, the first laminated building column to combine stainless steel fasteners and face glue to make a superior, economical building component.

Advantages of NAIL-LAM “PLUS” columns over solid sawn columns:

  • Individual plys have more complete treating than larger solids (treatment is with CCA to a 0.60 retention).
  • Straighter, stronger and lighter columns greatly reduce labor costs in field as well as eliminate call backs.
  • Posts won’t crack or split and are of uniform dimension (making framing and finish work easier).
  • Untreated portions on upper end eliminates need for hot dipped galvanized nails.
  • Longer Lengths available on a minimal amount of time from placement of order.
  • Individual plys can be notched for a superior truss bearing connection.

Advantages of NAIL-LAM “PLUS” columns over other mechanically laminated columns:

  • All stainless steel fasteners utilized throughout column.
  • Adhesive between plys greatly cuts down on interply slip resulting in better weak-axis stiffness.
  • Structural finger joints utilized in Nail-Lam Plus are produced under SPIB Glued Lumber Standards and carriers certification from the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, a nationally recognized third party inspection agency.

Advantages of NAIL-LAM “PLUS” columns over GLU-Laminated columns:

  • Nail-Lams can be easily notched in field for truss connections.
  • No more need to worry about possible long term delamination of plys.
  • Nail-Lams are generally more economical than glu-laminated columns.

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