“The Orchard Construction Benefit”

The benefits of employing a Licensed Contractor are many, but the most important benefits are your protection and the insurance that the job will be done correctly. Every Licensed Contractor’s work is inspected by the local Building Code Authority. This “third party” provides an independent review of the workmanship on your project.

The Licensed Contractor should always retain the necessary building permits in the contractor’s name. The company listed on a permit is legally responsible for the correct construction of the permitted project, NOT THE HOMEOWNER OR BUSINESS OWNER!

Licensed Contractors are required to be insured.


Always ask to see the contractor’s license. It must be in his name! Also, check for the proper insurance coverage. Contractors in the State of Michigan who employ more that one full time employee are required by law to have workman’s compensation insurance. Ask for a certificate form your contractor!

Check with your local building department. Ask them about Orchard Construction, Inc. We gladly work with all inspectors.

Don’t forget, a Licensed and Insured Contractor is your safest avenue to a finished project. The costs of permits is always cheaper than an UNFINISHED or UNSAFE building.

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