Low-E Insulation is the most versatile and advanced reflective insulation on the market today.



low1Low-E Insulation was designed to solve several insulation problems.

  • First of all, it was designed to stop radiant energy. Radiant energy accounts for 93% of the heat gained in the summer and 75% of the heat lost in winter.
  • Low-E reflects 97% of the radiant energy that strikes it’s surfaces.
  • The product is comprised a core of microcell polyethylene foam bonded to two surfaces of highly polished aluminum. The core of Low-E is waterproof, with it’s excellent memory it seals around fasteners and springs back if compressed. Best of all the core is made of up to 40% recycled materials. The foam core also provides a continuous vapor barrier.
  • Low-E maintains a consistent “R-value”.
  • Ease of installationLow-E comes in large, easy to handle, rolls that are a breeze to install and they do not cause any skin irritationlow2